Stretch ceiling made with your own hands!

A set of stretch ceiling «made with your own hands» - is a full set that consists of everything you need to make a stretch ceiling to the chosen room at home all by yourself without the help of the professionals. It does not matter wether it's a house, an apartment or cottage.

What is so unique about this set ? The uniqueness of this set lies within the actual fact that you do not need the help of any heat gun or gas equipment. You do not need a handful of professionals do to the work for you. You are able to make this ceiling using only minimal tools and everything this set already includes.


The stretch ceiling "made with your own hands" set is suggested for people who have some experience in fixing or construction work.

If you have never held a screw or any instrument in your hand, it's better to hand the work to the professionals and contact a company that will be able to do the work for you.

For those who wish do this work on their own, this set is the perfect solution.

You will find everything you need to set up stretch ceiling at your room in this set:

  • including the material
  • molding

  • camouflage tape
  • superglue
  • instruction
  • and of course the putty knife

By buying this set you can save up to 70%!

You dont have to worry about the complexity of the work.

The set includes everything you would need to set up a stretch seiling. We offer different sets for either bedroom, kids room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony or any other room.

You can choose the set that suits your needs the best! The manual and step - by - step guidance are included aswell.


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